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Sorry, we do not have any vacancies at present. But they can appear at any time. If you are a qualified web designer, maker-up or programmer and don't mind working with us remotely, please send your resume to . We may also be considering applications from artists, professionals in flash animation, translators. In case we have any work for you, you will be notified immediately.

How were we born.

The story of our studio starts as long ago as in April 2003 and actually there has not been a protracted or captivating history as yet. Our directing agency Betatron-SV that was permanently extending over the multifarious fields of activity has ultimately took note of there being a properly qualified staff of programmers and artists to do such a work. That was our start.

What can we do?

Much if not all. Detailed information can be found in "We offer" page. As far as general provisions are concerned, the main rule we follow is to ensure the most possible exposure of customer's particular identity. In other words, we do our best to avoid implementing any ready-made intermediates and falling into predefined patterns. We aim at making a unique work for everyone.

How much does it cost?

Obviously, expensive products are better then cheap ones. Unfortunately, not all of us take it for granted and have to pay twice or even thrice once having sought after illusive cheapness. As for our prizes, those fit with expended constructive labor. We clearly understand that the honest work would facilitate our development and bring much better results then any filthy attempts to rook a client. On the other hand, honest work implies that excessive miserliness of a customer could end up getting into a situation from well-known Russian parable where avaricious owner of a skin asked fur-dresser to make as much fur-caps as possible. As you know, they finally arranged for seven. But what about the size? You are welcome to contact us. We will definitely come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

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